Administration & Finance

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Administration & Finance

Admin and Finance are the core of any Institution. ShikshaERP has a whole list of features covering all aspects of these functions.

  • NAAC Related Internal Quality Assurance Cell
  • File Movement & Tracking
  • Document (originals of students and employees) Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Dispatch & Diary Management
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Estate / Residence Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Guest house / Seminar Hall / Auditorium bookings and Allotments
  • Tour Request
  • Tour Approval
  • Book your Car (Local)
  • Online TA Bill Claim Request / Submission
  • Online Requisition
  • Approval by Competent Authority
  • Generation of Indents
  • Tender Document
  • Tender Comparative Study and Vendor Recommendation
  • Auto Generation of PO
  • Receipt of Goods & Services
  • Return/ Rejection by Departments
  • Return of Goods to Vendors
  • Challan Entry
  • Issue of Material to Departments/ Units
  • Bill Tracking
  • Payment Processing
  • Vendor Management
  • Managing entry and exit of visitors
  • Checking in or checking out visitors
  • Report based on Visit Date, Name
  • Students Fees and Fines (Tuition, Lab, Library, Training, Hostel, Transport, etc.)
  • Payment of Scholarships/Awards to Students
  • Cash-Bank Day Book
  • Ledgers A/Cs
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet and Receipt & Payment Statement
  • Income & Expenditure Statement
  • Online Payment Portal (PGI)
  • Cash Budgeting
  • Integration with existing Tally Installation.

Experts Support

Our team of experts is always eager to iron out any difficulties during or post implementation. Our Team.


GalenERP is affordable and reasonably priced. Please contact us for our prices.

Quick & easy customization

We are able to understand your special requirements and customize GalenERP for your hospita.

MIS / Aid to Research

Appropriate reporting during and after implementation for all levels of management. The appropriate use of the patient database will assist is research activities of the institution.