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Finesse Web Tech is a professional IT services company. We are focused on implementing affordable, user friendly ERP systems with availability options both as licensed or as subscription-based SaaS offering. We are committed to serving academic institutions, hospitals, and medium and small sized businesses. We also offer services in website, mobile app and software development.
Finesse Webtech was founded in 2010. Our core mission is to deliver a sophisticated ERP system for academic institution and we are focused in developing the same since 2016. We provide a unique, efficient and customized ERP system to accommodate every requirement of your organization. We also have good experience in website and software development. Our working mantra is: Comprehension + Analysis + Technology = Solution.
You should choose us for the following reasons:
  • Products: We develop our products in appropriate open source technology, with focused application of mind; both in terms of functionality and technology.
  • Professional competency: We deliver our services with professional commitment and competency.
  • Transparency: You will find our working, pricing and delivery transparent and authentic.
  • Privacy, confidentiality, and security: We are committed to the privacy and confidentiality of all our client information. Our products are developed to achieve adequate security for all sensitive data.
In the matter of Privacy & Confidentiality, our aim is to be compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which arguably is the highest standard in the world. Please read on our privacy policy to learn how we safeguard your privacy and secure your data. This document tries to explain the options you have for updating, managing, exporting, and deleting your data. ..Read More
We provide a congenial, employee friendly work place with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. We aspire to keep our workplace free of discrimination of any kind. Our philosophy is to give our associates the freedom and responsibility to think and find solutions to the challenges they face in the course of their work. Our compensation is consistent with what the market offers. Click here to apply today.

Why Choose us

We assure you that choosing us will be a beneficial decision due to the following good reasons


Developed in state of the art open source technology, you will find using them delightful, useful and profitable.

Professional working

You will find our working to be diligent, efficient and profesional.


Our prices and delivery are transparent and authentic.

Our Services

Finesse Web Tech is a professional IT services company based in Patna. We also have representative offices in Hyderabad and Andheri, Mumbai. Our primary focus is to develop and deploy efficient ERP systems for academic, medical, business and government sectors. We have competencies in web development, app development and big data analytics.


Our Team Members

Our team has the right blend of technical expertise and domain experience. We achieve high product quality, using optimal technical solutions for running your organization in the real world.

Our Blog Post

Our blogs are intended to inform our readers on the functioning and use of ERP systems in solving the problems they face in the daily management and running of their organization

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