About Us

About Company

Finesse Webtech was founded in 2010. Our core mission is to deliver a sophisticated ERP system for academic institutions. We are focused on developing the same since 2016.  We provide a unique, efficient and customized ERP system to accommodate every requirement of your organization. We also have good experience in website and software development.

Our working mantra is:

Comprehension + Analysis + Technology = Solution

Our Mission & Vision

  • To create ERP software for the efficient running of organizations.
  • We bring about deeply thought out automation of legacy processes, using the latest in open source technology. We customize for the institutions’ unique requirements.
  • We bring to serve the fruits of technology to medium and small organizations in academia, health, and industrial sectors.
  • 'Our vision is to use information technology to improve the functioning of under served organizations in India and globally.'

We have combined affordability with the best in technology

We use state of the art, open source technology to offer both affordability and efficiency

Our products are developed with the deep application of mind and real-world experience of our team.

Compared to the competition, our products are very well priced.

All our operations; pricing, deployment, and maintenance are marked by transparency.

You will find us responsive to your calls and requirements.

i. Limited role based access. ii. Closed for persons outside the system. iii. Suitable for secure hosting with firewall security.

Our Services

Finesse Web Tech is a professional IT services company based in Patna. We also have representative offices in Hyderabad and Andheri, Mumbai. Our primary focus is to develop and deploy efficient ERP systems for academic, medical, business and government sectors. We have competencies in web development, app development and big data analytics.