ERP for Hospitals

If you are in a leadership role of any institution providing medical and health services, please do read on:

Finesse ERP for hospitals, GalenERP is designed to offer an affordable management solution to health care institutions.  It brings, on a single platform, all aspects of the functioning of a hospital, Medical Processes, Administration, HR, and Finance.

It helps the hospital achieve its goals by attaining; transparency, efficiency, uniformity, accuracy, easy role-based accessibility to information and reports, use of data analytics and integration with AI.

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Following is for a list of features of the GalenERP:

  • OPD Registration
  • IPD Registration
  • Advance Registration
  • Patient Admission
  • Ward Allocation
  • Ward Admission & Ward Transfer details
  • Bed Allocation
  • Bed Movement
  • Dashboard
  • Referring Doctors visiting schedule
  • Ward Creation
  • Room creation
  • OPD services
  • IPD services
  • Role Management
  • Different categories of patients
  • Bed charges
  • Consultant’s Billing
  • Ambulance Charges
  • OT Charges
  • Discount
  • Partial Billing
  • Final Bill Summery
  • Reminder To Patients For Payments
  • Refund of Excess Amount
  • Refund against OT / Antenatal Booking
  • Issuing of Hospital Out-Pass
  • Detailed Ledger of Patient
  • Discharge History
  • Patient Ledger
  • Service wise
  • Patient information
  • Doctors Information
  • Bed Availability and its Charges
  • Operation schedule for different operations

Patient Report:

  • Dues Report
  • Collection Report

OPD and IPD Service report:

  • All Departments / Individual department
  • Date range
  • All Services
  • OPD services
  • IPD Services
  • Doctor wise all services
  • Doctor wise summarized report
  • Referred By report
  • Forecast of demand
  • Maintain strict inventory of all items received and issued
  • Selection of reliable suppliers
  • Distribution of medicaments in the wards
  • Dispensing of medicaments to out-patients
  • Drug information source in hospitals
  • Centre for drug utilization studies
  • Item categories and sub categories Items
  • Inventory location
  • Inventory movement type
  • Units of measures
  • Re-order levels
  • Location transfer
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Item status
  • Stock management
  • X-Ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Leave Management
  • Training
  • Patient information
  • Doctors Information
  • Bed Availability and its Charges