• "Hi Shreekant,

    In January we had 8 registrations where the users have mentioned Search Engine as the source and 1 where its blog. We have registrations in Feb also... will send report by the end of month. Keep up the good work. "

    ~ Ravi Shanker
    Sr. Vice President (Operations)
    Forceites Pvt Ltd
    (O) +914023355953
    (M) +919849191919

  • "Our inquiries jumped by 400% after Finesse Web Tech took up local search marketing for our schools and conducted a limited PPC campaign. Thanks to your online campaign we have been able to build a brand name for Sunshine Preschools in Hyderabad. Thanks a ton!"

    ~ Sowmaya Manchala
    Co-ordinator Sunshine Preschools

  • "We contacted Finesse Web Tech to build a brand visibility for SatGuide and SatTracx products. Finesse did an adept job at reasonable rates. I liked the transparent way they worked. Former SEO companies that we worked with were cloaked in secrecy. I know that at times you have gone out of the agreed terms to promote our products. I would like you to know how much I appreciate it. It proves that you are professionals and committed to marketing a website the best way it can be done."

    ~ Amit Prasad
    CEO SatNav Technologies


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